Fitness Program Breakdown for Tactical Personnel Webinar

As a first responder, you are now categorized as a tactical athlete. Tactical athletes must follow developed strength and conditioning programs tailored to their job demands in order to increase their level of performance and job task efficiency within the field. Prior to constructing your own fitness program or organizing a workout protocol for your department, listen to the following presentation by Hussien Jabai of Jabai Performance and James Thayer discussing how to construct an appropriate fitness regiment.

This presentation will highlight:

  • Factors that affect programming
  • Movement categories for the tactical population
  • Rotation, anti-rotation, and contraction focused movements
  • Unilateral/bilateral movement selection
  • The importance of training load, weight distribution, surface area, and points of contact


Hussien Jabai, MS, NSCA-CSCS

Instagram: jabaiperformance

James Thayer, MS, CPT

Instagram: thayer2513

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