Tactical Athlete Row Machine Conditioning Program

The row machine has become a well known tool for the tactical athlete as a means of standardized testing within a department and as a conditioning tool for workout protocols. As a tactical athlete, it is the responsibility of the first responder to keep his or conditioning up to par for both annual fitness testing and survival/rescue/emergency situations in the field. To assist in any preparation, and to challenge your fitness abilities, we have displayed a four week program for the row machine. Each week consists of three training days that can be scheduled as such.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

From personal perspective and education, I believe all tactical athletes should train in a full body or upper/lower split minimum. Working individual muscle groups will have minimal benefits in performance for your field.

Complete this program, accompanied by your strength and conditioning protocol, for optimal results. Solely focusing on the row can create imbalances, lack of development, or regression in some areas. Record your times for each set to display results and to compare to the next time you may run the program. It would be interesting to see how well you do for week 1 on month 1, 2, or 3.

I would personally run this program 3 months in a row, as weeks differ and are complex in progression.

Week 1

Day 1 Row 5 sets of 100m sprints at max resistance

Day 2 Row 4 sets of 200m sprints at 70% resistance

Day 3 Row 2-3 sets of 500m endurance rows at 30-50% resistance

Week 2

Day 1 Rest

Day 2 Row 5 sets of 150m sprints at max max resistance

Day 3 Row 4 sets of 300m sprints at 70% resistance

Week 3

Day 1 Row 2-3 sets of 500-600m at 30-50% resistance

Day 2 Rest

Day 3 Row 5 sets of 200m sprints at max resistance

Week 4

Day 1 Row 4 sets of 400m at 70% resistance

Day 2 Row 2-3 sets of 750m at 70% resistance

Day 3 Rest

Take the time to record your results.

Repeat weeks 1-4 for the next 3 to 4 months. Then switch to a different program.

You may reach out to us for strength and conditioning program advice or request coaching!

Written by: Hussien Jabai

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