Unilateral Leg Training: Walking Lunges versus Offset Kettlebell Loaded Lunges

Walking Lunges (Demonstrated Below)

Walking lunges are an amazing tool for hitting unilateral leg work in more of a motion versus stationary selection.

Walking lunges allow you to not only work on the muscles of the legs, but allows you so work on your stamina, muscular endurance, and a bit of conditioning.
Add this exercise into a circuit or superset for increased cardiovascular benefits.

You could also keep this exercise isolated as a stand alone section, focusing on movement patterns, offset load, or increasing repetitions.

Offset Loaded Kettlebell Lunges (Demonstrated Below)

Offset walking lunges are a progression from the standard split squat, to stationary lunge, to walking lunges and loaded lunges.

The offset lunge can be completed with one KB in one hand, or use one weight in the off hand hanging down as the heavier weight then use a lighter weight in the racked position.

Use this exercise as a stand alone or include into a multi-set grouping for endurance benefits.

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