The Best Supplements For Your Goals

Reason and free inquiry are the only effectual agents against error.”
– Thomas Jefferson
Supplements are a hot topic these days. They come in a wide-array of types and so on. Attempting to figure out which supplement is best can be quite complex. Let’s delve into this topic and make some sense out of it shall we?

One common question that many individuals have when they consider supplements for their health is: do you have to have supplements to make progress as an individual? No, not at all. A person does not have to have supplements to make progress in physical training. That said, if at the end of the day an individual happens to have the budget to be able to afford quality supplements, then it should at least be a consideration on their path to a much healthier lifestyle since some of the products do offer value. Keep in mind, if you do choose the supplementation route, keep in mind that whatever you choose is your choice, and yours alone. Let’s now take a look at more crucial components of supplementation.
powders-795-315.jpgProduct Ingredients
When considering any type of food, drink or supplement, the main components to keep in mind are the ingredients. Ingredients are the scaffolding of each and every product (or food), and as such, those with the best scaffolding – the strongest foundation – are the ones that are high quality products. Conversely, products that have been poorly developed could hurt you given their inferior baseline. Supplements follow this same thought process, except there are more than just ingredients involved in this debacle. While with food and drinks one is usually dealing with ingredients and no particular  claims are made, many supplements do in fact make claims – and some of them are quite lofty. In fact, some are overly so. With this in mind, what the products are claiming should be pondered and examined at length. For instance, is the product claiming a high fat-loss rate? Is the product claiming to fight a particular disease and so on? Such questions are pivotal in understanding the totality of the product and its intricacies. The way to home-in on this information is by conducting research on these products – as much as might be necessary to get a satisfactory and correct answer. If what the product is claiming is the opening salvo in this process, how they back up that claim is the second salvo here. Are the claims being backed up by thorough research? Or is the company making this claim simply using known ingredients? Please keep in mind, there will be lots of studies thrown at you when researching a subject matter such as this, but do not let that deter you in attaining greater understanding of the subject matter.

Things to Consider

impace-banner.jpg#1 – Length of studies
How long are the studies conducted for? Eight weeks? More? Less? What are the dosages that are being given to the subjects? For instance, if those conducting the studies are giving the same dosage to a rat as what a person would intake, just keep in mind that the body mass of a rat is significantly less. A human subject would require a much larger dose to attain similar claims, sometimes by an order of magnitude or greater. Moreover, claims can be made to make products seem much more superior than they really are by a surreptitiously selective process of cherry-picking data. Wording can be arranged to say ‘this product causes fat-loss’ and so on. Some incredible claims can be made merely because one subject out of an entire study group attained that result.

screenshot (166)#2 – Ingredients – How Do They Work?
Supplements can work in various ways. Simply because you have an ingredient that is present in a particular product doesn’t mean it instantly starts working. One thing one can do is contact the manufacturer to ascertain the finer details of the products – how it works, why it works. If a manufacturer is reticent, or simply gives you the cold shoulder, you should be skeptical, if not downright worried. The reason for this is that anyone that purchases the product can send it to a lab for it to be studied. As such, there’s no real reason for the manufacturer not to explain why and how a product is working. Understanding the how and why of the manufacturing of the product will help shed light into the full totality of effects – short term and long term – that a product can create.
spoon with pills, dietary supplements on vegetables background#3 – Serving
Simply stated: what is the value per serving? For example, merely because a particular product offers a large amount of protein, doesn’t mean the value is great if it doesn’t have a lot of servings. Price being equal, a product with 40 grams of protein, but only 10 servings, offers much less value then a product with 30 grams of protein, but 20 servings. Please keep this in mind when comparing products, especially since some of them can be rather costly.
nutrition-vitamins#4 Quality
The quality of the product is crucial. Ingredients affect different individuals in a variety of ways. After ingestion, some products settle well with certain individuals, while not so with others. Some products mix well, and others clump up. Some taste great (or are at least palatable) with water, while others simply don’t. Some proteins give a queasy feeling and don’t settle too well. Also, determine the amount of caffeine and stimulants in the product. Some ingredients speed up your metabolism, which can be counter productive if you happen to do many high intensity compound lifts. This could potentially lead to your heartbeat skyrocketing, and you not being able to control it. Such an effect in a workout would be quite detrimental, if not downright dangerous depending on the circumstances. With that, some pre-workout supplements have a lot of fillers, and this can over-satiate you, and could even be rejected by your body.

Key Take-Away:

Listen To Your Body – How Your Body React Matters Most.
Supplements are a solid way to help attain positive health benefits, as long as they are quality products. There are countless products on the market, most if not all making various claims. Finding what supplement suits you best is crucial if you wish to take advantage of the product to its maximum potential. Make sure you carry out an incredible amount of research before you delve into the use of any supplemental product. Don’t be afraid in asking for help on this subject and doing as much research as necessary until you feel you are ready if you choose the path of supplementation. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate in leaving them below.

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