Fire Fighter Training Systems Podcast: The Beginning of The FFTS Project

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
– Lao Tzu

screenshot (160)Not long ago, Jabai Performance began a pilot program whose aim is to help Firefighters maintain a high level of physical performance while on the job. Moreover, the overarching purpose of this program is not only to increases the wellness of all individuals in this program, but ultimately to help save lives.

Months ago, a serendipitous discussion took place between Jabai Performance’s CEO, Hussien Jabai, and a former client of his. This discussion bore fruit in the fact that although Jabai’s aim was to create a program to help Law Enforcement Officer’s tackle preventative issues, as well as educating individuals on proper training protocol and so on, Jabai’s friend gave him another suggestion that would ultimately lead Jabai on a slightly different, but equally important path – the idea to create a training system for Firefighters instead. Thus was born the pilot program that is now called Fire Fighter Training Systems (FFTS).

The ultimate aim of FFTS is to create a high standard of physical fitness for Firefighters in similar fashion that athletes have. As many know, in order to perform at incredibly high levels, athletes of myriad types have a very sophisticated physical repertoire. The pregame preps, post-game treatment, rehab and recovery, and more, all coalesce to help create a path that athletes can follow in order to consistently perform at a high level. Similarly, Jabai’s aim is to have Firefighters achieve their own high standard of physical wellness that directly translates to a more robust and healthy lifestyle for these hard working individuals.

Following the brainstorming of the FFTS idea, Jabai began actively working with the Melissa Fire Department to achieve specific goals within the FFTS program. After discussions with the Fire Department, screenings, training programs, and an overall streamlining of all the exercises that were to be done and implemented were carried out. This entire process is currently helping fine tune this pilot program in hopes to help it become a program that is shared with other Fire Departments at a much wider scale. That said, the aim of Jabai Performance is not to diagnose any conditions or take physical therapy on hand – that job is to be referred to the proper professionals. The goal of FFTS is to create a program that helps set the standard for the wellness and physical prowess of future Fire Departments.

Fire Departments do have some obstacles that they are facing though. A combination of lack of space, proper training equipment, funds, sponsorship, and more, have become an anchor on these departments and the amount of work that can be done in the wellness area. This is where local involvement will be crucial, especially given that this is an issue that affects all of us. The significant increase in fires across the Southwestern United States over the last few years should give individuals pause since Fire Departments across various states were not only continuously needed, but needed at such a vast scale that it was unprecedented. Fires need not be of a large scale to affect a local community though.

A single, innocently-seeming fire can begin to cause absolute devastation if not tackled properly, and as such, the individuals that are involved in the prevention, and/or direct confrontation with these fires need not only to have a high standard of wellness, but as much local support as humanly possibly given that lives are at stake.

Just as a fire merely requires a spark to begin, ideas are no different. And the idea of the FFTS program already has its spark, all it needs is the continued commitment to help change the lives of many. Jabai Performance is merely doing its part to help those that directly help us in our time of need.


Listen To The Full Podcast HERE!

The Start of FFTS



Article Written By: Zy Marquiez

Writer, Researcher, & Book Reviewer

Owner of Blocked Up

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