Nutrition & Meal Plan Help: Recommended Food Guide

Nutrition is key to fatloss and/or muscle gain.

Simple, right?

In a world full of misinformation and dietary fads, sometimes it becomes confusing on which foods we should focus on and which foods to avoid.

Sometimes we get so caught up in restricting everything under the sun, or eliminating all carbs because, well they “are the devil.” But, in my opinion, unless you have a specific condition, all macro nutrients should be implemented in some form or fashion into a diet. Carbohydrates are primary sources of fuel and energy, along with possessing a large amount of our natural vitamins and minerals. Fats are another fuel source, utilized more for long term energy, and help with our cell structure and hormone regulation. Proteins, the king of the macro nutrients, aid in muscle repair and well, just about everything (don’t quote me, but protein aids in so much, but unfortunately we tend to only see it as a “GET JACKED” macro since it is highly associated with bodybuilders).

Jabai Performance wants to provide you with a Recommended Food Guide (Click Here), to be used as a tool, not a mandatory diet list, to help you along your fitness journey. Keep in mind, that weight gain or weight loss depends on total food consumption and expenditure. So as you eat and make your food selections, keep in mind the calories consumed versus how much you are burning.

For Weight Gain: Caloric Consumption > Caloric Expenditure

For Weight Loss: Caloric Consumption < Caloric Expenditure

No matter your goal, level, or lifestyle/sport, a proper diet can help you live a healthier and more fit life.


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