Shoulder Health: Mobility & Movement Prep Routine

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Today I wanted to discuss some shoulder health and movement prep advice that I have gathered over the years, and to display the pre-hab/rehab side of things I even implement prior to my own training.

So first off, how many of the readers are currently experiencing or have ever experienced shoulder pain? Maybe a lot of us. Hopefully more that haven’t versus those that have, right? Well more chances than not, most of us are in the situation of having pain or have had it. So today I wanted to cover techniques to strengthening those areas, as well as keep them mobility.

  1. Myofascial Release Techniques

More and more research is being discovered about fascia within the human body. Now, other than explaining that fascia is connective tissue that runs throughout the body and throughout muscle tissue, I don’t want to confuse the crap out of people. Let’s just say that the connective tissue can bunch up, or “knot”, and effect our efficiency of movement. Myofascial release techniques are revealing huge strides in improving movement and relieving tension. Here are quick target areas to utilize with a Triggerpoint MB5 myofascial release tool in order to help increase range of motion and mobility of the shoulder:

-Erector Spinae, Rhomboids, Trapezius & Lower Traps, Bicep, Tricep, Rear Delt (posterior deltoid), and pectoralis major/minor

  1. Shoulder Mobility Movement Prep & Stretches

Static stretching use to be a heavily practiced tool in the past, but research now shows a drastic reduction in motor recruitment when implementing a ton of static stretching into routines prior to exercise. Mobility and movement prep regiments help move fluid into the joints, warm the muscles, and stretch the ligaments/tendons around those joints. The movement prep routines also help the with fascia realignment.

Here I have linked a Youtube video from Jabai Performance demonstrating movement prep routines.


Click Here to watch video!


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me by commenting or through the Contact Form.

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Hussien Jabai


BS in Human Performance

MS in Exercise Science Student

Owner of Jabai Performance

2 thoughts on “Shoulder Health: Mobility & Movement Prep Routine

  1. As you pointed out, I am one of those readers who suffer from shoulder pain.
    If I do not do proper warm-up leading to my weight session the left shoulder simply fails to support the weight and adds to the pain.

    p.s was hoping for some suggested exercises and example images and such to go with your post on the subject :), it would have enhanced the article.


    1. Thank you so much for the feedback!
      I did include a link to the JP Youtube video that covers some movement prep, exercises, and stretches for the shoulder, Hope those help!

      I will be uploading myofascial release videos soon! Although some are on the JP instagram page : or user tag @jabaiperformance .

      If there is anything specific you would like for me to cover in another article, never hesitate to ask!


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