Introduction: Personal Trainer in Dallas, Texas

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Hello everyone!

My name is Hussien Jabai, NSCA-CPT and owner of a fitness and wellness company called Jabai Performance. I wanted to take the time to share a bit about my background!

Fitness and wellness has always been a huge part of my life, which led me to pursue an Associates of Science at Paris Junior College, in which I possessed the Presidential Award and maintained position on the Dean’s List every semester. A great start to the beginning of my academic career. As graduation approached, I already knew the next step was my Bachelor’s Degree. Without any hesitation, the next endeavor within my journey landed me at Texas A&M University in Commerce, Tx.

During my time as an undergrad at Texas A&M University – Commerce, I began to explore our health and human performance department. Time was spent focusing on my studies, venturing into the research of biomechanics and exercise science, and collaborating with knowledgeable professors. With each concept of human adaptations to exercise being revealed, the more I desired to embark on the journey to introduce these concepts to other individuals. This path then led me to consider the profession of personal training. At this moment in time, people would see personal training as a side gig, rather than an actual profession. Little did I know, that acquiring my personal training certification and being hired by the Texas A&M University Morris Recreation Center in Commerce, Texas would change my life.
While working as a personal trainer at the Morris Recreation Center on campus, I had the opportunity to positively impact lives through promoting safe and effective healthy lifestyle choices. Personal trainers provided clientele with physical fitness instruction, general nutrition guidance, and illustrated the importance of mental and emotional wellness. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the concept of empowering others through guidance and education. As my trainer, educator, and influencer skills developed, so did my management and leadership skills. These traits helped me acquire a promotion toward a new position as a Fitness Program Manager.

The duration in which I operated as a Fitness Program Manager at the recreation center was brief yet effective. The position allowed me to sharpen my tools as an educator and mentor for current and future fitness professionals. During my time as a Fitness Program Manager, I had the privilege of mentoring, observing, and evaluating personal trainers and fitness specialists within the fitness department. The position also pushed me to enhance my presentation skills through informative lecture settings and employee in-services. While I worked as the Fitness Program Manager, my mentor was the Assistant Fitness & Wellness Director at the Recreation, who heavily invested in personal development.

Graduation crept up without notice, and before I knew it I had acquired my Bachelor’s of Science in Human Performance. The knowledge, friendships, and resources I have obtained and maintain from my time at the university have helped me construct a fitness and wellness company, Jabai Performance. The company allows me to teach and empower other fitness professionals to be the best version of themselves possible. The purpose to now obtain my Master’s through the same university, is to enhance my skill as an Exercise Science professional, in order to better serve the professionals I mentor and instruct. This chapter in my journey will not only open many doors for me in the future, but also increase the amount I can impact the lives of others.


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